A round-up of travel books

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Today we’d like to highlight some of our favorite books from Blurb users: Travel photo books. Sometimes the most stunning photography comes from people who’ve traveled out of their comfort zones and into the great unknown. So, without further ado, here are photos from some recently made travel books that we loved:

Let’s start with a breathtaking two-page spread of a city high in the Andes.

Bolivia | Mario Adario

bolivia A round up of travel books

We don’t read Russian, but a little research makes us think this beautiful slice of territory is near the Black Sea. If anybody knows more about this location, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

ЛагоНаки | serche

serche A round up of travel books

Sometimes travel is about roughing it, but sometimes it’s really, really not. We like to check out pictures of this fabulous rented villa to remind us of the good life.

Living Marcello | camarcello

villa A round up of travel books


Meanwhile, the living is also pretty easy up in Ontario – even if the spelling isn’t.

Manitouwabing Lake | italy2004

manitouwabing A round up of travel books


It’s always interesting to your our home through the eyes of someone from a foreign country, so let’s wrap up with a view of the Southwest that made it all the way back to Italy:

U.S.A. – 2011 | virtualgibe

grand canyon A round up of travel books

So the next time you hit the road (Or the sky. Or the sea.), make sure to document your trip. We love your travel books and can’t wait to see more.

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