Monthly Archives: December 2007

Happy holidays from the Blurberati

Here’s the current scene at Blurb: People are participating in a “Homeliest Holiday Sweater” contest. Revelers are getting giddy. Office gift baskets have been raided. Projects are being finalized. Laptops are getting packed up for four days away from our desks. Before we take some time off for the holidays, we wanted to kick around [...]

Are author readings and book tours becoming extinct?

Have you seen any book trailers yet? They’re sort of like movie previews only they tout the next big thing in lit. Here’s one for Then We Came to the End: A Novel by Joshua Ferris. YouTube has hundreds more, just search “book trailer.” What about author Web sites? Do you interact with your favorite [...]

Book of the Week will see you in Kathmandu

Stephen Johnson dreams big. Himalayas big. He had always wanted to trek there and in 2004, he and his son made the trip. The experience is documented in our Book of the Week, A Nepal Journal. While the book’s preview includes interesting photos ranging from rebar and religious relics to monkeys and motorbikes, what really [...]

Eat, drink, and make books! More Blurb holidays coming up

The big holiday rush is nearly over. We’re exhilarated and just plain happy to see so many great books getting made. More U.S. holidays are coming up and we wanted to let you know how they’ll affect your bookmaking over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Blurb HQ will be quiet on December 24, 25, [...]