2012: The Year of Personalized Gifts?

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Recently, we asked Lab 42, a market research firm, to survey 1,000 social media users about their gift-giving plans for this holiday season. Here’s what they found out:

Gift Giving Infographic 2012: The Year of Personalized Gifts?

And that’s not all we learned from this survey.

First of all, as you probably already know, shopping for presents isn’t always particularly easy, and it gets harder the closer you are to the person for whom you’re shopping:

  • 85% of you have experienced “gift-buying fatigue”
  • 38% of you were shopping for a spouse or significant other when it happened

Next, people have a pretty good idea of what they want to see under the tree (and aren’t afraid to tell us):

  • 92% would like to get a personalized, one-of-a-kind gift this year
  • 69% said they’d rather get this type of gift than any other

Last, you know what’s important when you’re picking out presents for the people on your list:

  • 95% want to put a lot of thought into their gift
  • 79% think a gift should be one-of-a-kind
  • 89% hope the recipient will keep the gift for a long time

This study gave us some interesting numbers (and the chance to use the word “gift” quite a few times), but we’re still curious. Tell us what you think – what are you planning to give this year? What are you hoping to get? How do you make gift-giving fun? We could always use some tips ourselves.

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