365 days + 365 self-portraits = one clever Book of the Week

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pin it button 365 days + 365 self portraits = one clever Book of the Week

When it comes to the self-portrait, David McNally knows exactly what he is doing. He embarked on a 365-Day Project inspired by the 365 Flickr group. The rules are simple: take one self-portrait every day for a year. Some are arms length self-portraits, some are taken another way, and some are on the artistic side. They’re all insightful, funny, heartwarming, interesting, and very, very human. Here’s how he describes the photos in his book JOURNEY IN SELF-PORTRAITURE, The 365-Day Project:

Enter the wildly creative world of [self-portraits] for one year. Giving birth to a new idea daily may not be painful, but it sure can be a challenge! This collection of 365 images [shares] a slice of my personal life, help me to [understand] who I am and reveal how others perceive me. How many ways can you find to portray yourself?

We love how this book is the convergence of so many cool things: A photographic experiment, a yearlong book project, Flickr, an exploration of self-perception, journaling, and sharing through social print media. Congratulations David, your book is a creative accomplishment. We all found it to be very unique and we enjoyed it very much.

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So, do you take pictures of yourself? What do you use them for? What’s your technique for getting the perfect arms length self portrait? And lastly, would you take on a 365 book project? If so, tell us about it.

Share the Blurb:
pin it button 365 days + 365 self portraits = one clever Book of the Week


  1. Actually, I am preparing a 365 for 2007, and have not missed a single day yet. But it is not 365 self-portraits, it is more random pictures that give an idea of my days. I also added a more or less exhaustive description under each picture but I do not know whether I would make such descriptions public. Sometimes the pictures speak for themselves, sometimes they don’t. Either I describe what I did, either I share some thoughts.
    This project pushed me towards Blurb and more generally, printing and editing but it would be hard to find the proper layout for both pictures and exhaustive description, plus the book would be at least… 365 pages! (technical issue?) I also wonder how such things as Orton effects and other results would appear on paper.
    I should try a smaller book to start with, but see ya on December 31st anyway!

      October 4, 2007 – 5:07 am   Permalink
  2. He really had some great ones during the year. I’m planning my book as we speak. Also, thanks for the link to the Arm’s Length Self Portrait Experience! :o)

      October 4, 2007 – 7:20 am   Permalink
  3. I have met David, macaddict, a few times on Flickr and as of today we are contacts. His set is very creative and diverse which is what makes his project so interesting.
    And yes, I too am participating in the 365 days project, stretching my mind to be creative and am also working on a Blurb book. It will be published somewhere around july 22 2008, on which day I will shoot my last portrait.
    Congratulations, David with your book and the article in Photoshop Creative.

    By Lucy
      March 24, 2008 – 5:51 am   Permalink

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