3D printing and custom magazine printing: The Print Shift launch

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Print Shift, Blurb’s exclusive team-up with Dezeen, launched to big fanfare, with journalists from the BBC, Gizmodo and TechEurope gathering at our press event. As it swung into action, the Blurb team listened in as a panel of pentagonal perfection – five luminaries of the print, editorial, design and technological industries came face to face to chat about Dezeen’s amazing new Print Shift magazine, available in our exclusive Blurb bookshop. The issue’s focus is 3D printing, and how the technology will continue to evolve in the future. Created with Blurb’s custom magazine printing, each issue of the magazine is printed only when a customer orders a copy.

On hand were Dezeen founder Marcus Fairs, Blurb’s very own European MD, Charles Davies, Freedom of Creation’s Alan Nguen, i.materialise’s Miranda Bastijns, and Bart Veldhuizen of Shapeways. The creative potential with 3D printing is endless, and it isn’t just for trained designers. People all over the world are using the technology of 3D printing, and in a multitude of ways. Always wanted to design your own jewellery? More than possible. Want to customise future home accessories? Also available to you. Want your very own 3D printer? Then you’ll want to snag an issue and read up on the latest desktop 3D printers on the market.

We had the pleasure of hearing from Materialise’s Miranda Bastijns, who spoke about the power of 3D printing and its ability to make the world a better, healthier place and consumer interest in creating one’s very own designs, including clothing, accessories and home designs.

Bart Veldhuizen, Community Manager Europe for Shapeways, spoke about their customers and how varied they are. Some want to fix broken objects in their home while others want to earn a living as a successful shop owner of 3D printed products.



Freedom of Creation designer, Alan Nguyen, focused on the widespread use and application of 3D printing, as well as the steps being taken to make the process more consumer-friendly.



Want to know more about 3D printing? Grab your very own copy of Print Shift in the Blurb bookshop today.

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pin it button 3D printing and custom magazine printing: The Print Shift launch


  1. Welcome to this really intriguing printing magazine. it looks really cutting edge and will no doubt help to promote the uses of how 3D printing can be used effectively in business promotion and art.

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  2. I think this printing magazine is going to be a big hit. Really nice venture. This will help lots of people to promote their business

      December 15, 2013 – 10:42 pm   Permalink

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