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dancer A lot Going for him

Michael Going has been a photographer since grade-school, but there were a bunch of years in there where he didn’t pick up the camera at all.

“My black-and-white photography class as a child is my fondest memory of that age, but there were no artists in my family … photography wasn’t something that my parents could really relate to,” he says.

But, following a tour in the Navy and a stint as a social worker, Michael picked up the camera again — and he hasn’t been able to put it down since. Starting with a Polaroid SX-70 camera, Michael began experimenting with shots — and ultimately with burnishing tools and other apparatus that give the images in Altered Vision their surreal, painted appearance.

Altered Vision is an amazing book, and one that has clearly been winnowed down to its essential elements. “It’s actually about half the book I started with,” Michael explains. “I put together a ‘dummy’ of this book years ago, but in that gestational period I realized that I wanted to reduce the book by about half. Putting projects aside is so important for me — I get too wrapped up in the moment, and I have to really sit on something for a while to regain that clarity of vision.”

“The essential elements of light and composition, the basic craft of design … those are the keys. Subjects and projects just come about, building subconsciously and intuitively on one another. I fail a lot. But I shoot a lot, too.”

Read more about Michael’s work in this Double Exposure article — and take a look at his website, here.

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