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Recent bestseller, The Power of Pain by Rich DeSalvo, is one of the most inspiring books we’ve seen in awhile, in particular for people suffering from chronic pain. Prior to writing this book, DeSalvo worked on Wall Street as a senior executive at several of the worlds largest financial institutions for over 25 years, but following a life-changing injury (including four spinal surgeries), he moved on to start an independent consulting & public speaking firm.

The Power of Pain is an extension of DeSalvo’s work, helping others overcome both physical and mental pain, and harnessing that power towards a more positive life. We briefly touched base with DeSalvo on his book to give all of you some insight and inspiration for creating a top-selling book like The Power of Pain.

Why do you do, what you do, and where do you find inspiration?

First, I seek inspiration from within. In fact, I have learned it’s in each of us. Yes, I look to others who “inspire” me, but I do not seek to mimic them, but use their words and actions as an elixir to help me find passion from my own source of power. For me, that power starts from silence. You can hear and learn so much about yourself when you shut your eyes, relax and look inside of yourself. It is this searching that helped me write my book, The Power of Pain. In fact, I feel the book found me and not the other way around. Finally, the thought of making others confront their pain and learn how to accept the life they have will be a life long effort for me. When I look at my past, I realized that the times I was most happy was when I was helping others. To that end, I now plan on doing more of just that.

What does the title The Power of Pain mean to you?

Our bodies are full of energy, passion and life. Like a muscle if you do not use these traits, they too can atrophy and shrink. For me, my physical and mental chronic pain took my energy, passion and life and put them deep down in the recesses of my subconscious. Finally, I learned how to use the pain I endured and turned it against itself. The pain became my reminder, motivation and yes; Power not to let this beat me.

The title of the book tells as of us that we can surmount most anything, if we choose it to be. It all starts with acceptance of who we are and our ability to love ourselves and others.

What are you most looking forward to about having a book out there in the world?

I want someone to get so engrossed in the book, that I am able to change their perspective, behavior and ultimately their life.
The world needs more compassion. Our communities need people to communicate to each other, not just talk. I look for people to share their “pain” with each other so talk therapy and ultimately compassion can be the power to heal.

Many thanks to Rich DeSalvo for taking the time to give us his insights. Get your own copy of The Power of Pain at the Blurb Bookstore here.

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  1. Rich–congratulations!!! You are going to help a lot of people…

    By leigh Haber
      May 2, 2009 – 11:31 am   Permalink
  2. For anyone who finds this type of book inspiring, I invite you to take a look at “Revelations Of Man”. Notably, the chapter ” Pain Is weakness Leaving The Body” & ” Never Show Your Weakness”.

    This book will in fact change the world and I urge everyone to stop living half asleep and wake up to a new life. Now available in the Blurb bookstore.

    Tyler Murray

      June 3, 2009 – 6:22 pm   Permalink

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