A small adjustment to Blurb’s pricing

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Due to recent cost increases, we’ve had to slightly revise some of our book pricing. Instead of increasing our prices across the board, we’ve tried to minimize the impact this will have on customers by revising a very small number of book scenarios – five to be exact. Out of the 52 price points that comprise Blurb’s book scenarios, the five that will change will increase by an average of only 5.8%. All other price points remain the same.

The five specific changes listed above will take effect 9 a.m. PDT, Wednesday, September 19, 2007 and will be reflected on our Pricing and Shipping page. The vast majority of Blurb’s prices remain unchanged. We appreciate your business and will do everything in our power to continue to keep prices down and quality up.

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  1. Pricing increase is fine. Thanks for sharing it.

    Just know that I spent about 48 hours researching photo book software solutions on the web, and MANY pointed to you as the best. Here’s my take based on my quick research, do with it what you will:

    - nice software, the easiest interface of all of them.
    - great pricing compared to your competitors
    - book jacket feature is nice
    - book sizes, many to choose from
    - full-page bleeds
    - great service, or so I hear
    - fast turnaround

    - not many page layouts to choose from. Shutterfly seems to be the layout leader to beat (though they are missing full-page bleed). Can’t you just copy them and offer dozens more rather easily?
    - item rotate should allow non-standard degree rotations.
    - more image-based properties are needed.
    - need better background style control (like non-solid backgrounds, or clip-art based stuff). Consider gradient background colors too?

    - does Blurb support transparent GIFs?
    - can i have an image in the header and/or footer where the page#s go? I want a graphical full-width image (short, but long) that i put there and perhaps OVER existing graphics (hence transparent question).
    - convert to black/white would be a nice feature for individual pix.
    - consider grid-based layout manager allowing users to drag pictures to any coordinate, and size them on the fly, and overlap them, etc.

    Thank you for listening! Remember, this industry will explode soon, so keep your place in it as a true competitor and differentiator, get on this!

    Rich Gottesman
    Acton, MA

    By Rich G
      September 25, 2007 – 9:03 pm   Permalink
  2. Certainly I agree with comment by Rich G (25 Sept 2007) that BookSmart allow too few layouts. There are two areas here that really need fixing:
    1. Millions of 35 mm images are out there and millions more shot each day, but they must be cropped heartily to be used in BookSmart. That means that the aspect ration of .666 should be accepted in both Horiz and Vert layouts.
    2. Additionally, there is insufficient space for text and a large image because so much space is wasted above the image, on a horizontal bleed, for example.

      September 26, 2007 – 6:25 pm   Permalink
  3. Hi Chuck and Rich,

    As always, we really appreciate feedback. Let me see if I can answer some of the above questions. Also, I\’d like to encourage everyone to continue this conversation in the Forums, because you have both brought up issues that other Blurbarians are quite passionate about.

    - We actually have more page layouts than other services offer. In fact, our new release will have 45 new layouts in each book size to choose from. Make sure you utilize the \”Apply Page Layout\” section in BookSmart to get the full range of our layout selection.
    - A lot of the layouts and suggestions you both make, while not currently available in BookSmart, can easily be created in image-editing software and then imported into BookSmart as .jpgs.
    - The next version of BookSmart will have many new backgrounds to choose from.
    - We don\’t currently support transparent GIFs but we know there is interest in that option.
    - You can edit the header and footer text in any size and style font, but not place images.

    I hope I\’ve answered the majority of your questions. I\’ll make sure to pass your suggestions on to our developers. With every BookSmart release a lot of these suggestions turn into full-fledged features because of input from folks like you.

    – Kathy

    By Kathy
      September 27, 2007 – 11:44 am   Permalink

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