A Staircase of Books

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We all know how much room books take. And while there are a plethora of awesome book storage units and shelves out there, there still never seems to be enough room for ALL those books. Veronika and Sebastian in London solved that problem when Levitate Architects designed a staircase that doubles as a library in their apartment. Brilliant!

(via Apartment Therapy)

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  1. Seems like a great idea. My only worry would be how dirty my books would get. You know how staircases gather so much dust…

      May 12, 2009 – 3:59 am   Permalink
  2. This staircase is so awesome! Levitate Architects were really using their brain power when they designed this book/staircase. What great problem solving! Brilliant actually!!

    By Sieglinde
      May 12, 2009 – 8:11 am   Permalink
  3. Cute idea until you try to get a book out while someone is coming down the stairs and doesn’t notice you there :-)

      May 12, 2009 – 8:50 am   Permalink
  4. I love that.
    I need that.

      May 12, 2009 – 1:35 pm   Permalink
  5. Um, cool but not quite convinced. Books could get dirty damaged. Very nearly there, very clever concept none the less.

      May 12, 2009 – 5:56 pm   Permalink
  6. Very cool, but what’s needed are perspex doors to keep the books clean!

      February 16, 2010 – 4:07 am   Permalink
  7. Very unique staircase, but where is the handrail? Such a dangerous solution.

      May 6, 2010 – 12:31 pm   Permalink
  8. VERY clever! :)

      September 9, 2010 – 6:58 am   Permalink

    By beth
      September 12, 2011 – 11:11 am   Permalink

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