An inside look at Google Book Search

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By now you’ve probably heard the general clamor about Google’s project to make books keyword-searchable – and now you can hear specific pros and cons from several authors in a video on Google’s own blog. On the Google Book Search site, the company also describes two instances when self-published authors made their books Google-searchable to promote their books. These case studies suggest that making a book keyword-searchable might make it easier for people to find that book – and hence more likely to buy it. What do you think, Blurbarians? Are you buying Google’s argument?

Blurb’s default mode is always maximum privacy for the author – your book is only available for you to view and order unless you choose otherwise. You also have to specifically opt in to make the first 15 pages of your book viewable either to the general public, or to just the lucky few you invite to preview and/or order your book. Most Blurbarians seem happy with this arrangement, though more of you do seem to be putting your books  in Blurb’s public Bookstore and using the Book Preview option lately.

But if you want to make your Blurb book searchable by Google, you can. First you’d join Google’s Partner Program, then you’d choose whether to make just your book preview, a limited snippet, your entire book, or none of it viewable through Google Book Search results. If you do decide to make your book searchable by Google, let us know how it goes. What made you decide to do it, and did you notice any difference in your book sales? Do tell … your fellow Blurbarians will surely want to know.

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pin it button An inside look at Google Book Search


  1. Hi Alison, I am about to start selling my book in the Blurb bookstore and appreciate the preview option. I’m just waiting for my own preview copy but am looking into ways to promote my book. The Google program would be nice to join, however it requires all books to be listed to have an ISBN according to the Partner Program’s eligibility guidelines.

    So aren’t Blurb books/authors ineligible at the time? Or did I miss something?

    By valerie
      February 12, 2007 – 5:43 pm   Permalink
  2. Thanks Valerie — actually, you can add an ISBN to your Blurb book. We described how in an earlier post right here:
    Definitely let us how that Google partnership pans out for you, and keep us posted on your book promotion…

      February 14, 2007 – 2:40 pm   Permalink
  3. thanks alison! i missed that post. the whole process might not be worth it for the first book, but will keep it in mind for larger projects. :)

    By valerie
      February 14, 2007 – 9:10 pm   Permalink

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