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The following is a special guest post from our friends at jAlbum:

Hi. I’m the founder of jAlbum. I’m happy to reach out to you as a Blurb user as we have a tool that complements photo books in a great way. We produce a popular desktop software for making web galleries for any web site.

Just like you, our users appreciate that they can control every aspect of how their images are presented, cause it’s about telling a story in a personal way and its about making something you’re proud of. We have a user community that contribute to unique ways of presenting images online by making “skins” for jAlbum. You literally have millions of ways to express yourself.

Screen Shot 2013 11 22 at 3.48.10 PM Make awesome web galleries too

The second reason for choosing us for web galleries is independence. Unlike many competitors, we’re not a “one site wonder” collecting all images onto one site and dictating terms, presentation, navigation and functionality. Most of our users store and present their images on their own sites, independent of us, and we like it that way, cause this puts you in control of your images. There are to date over 40 million web galleries produced by jAlbum residing on sites all over the world and 7000 are uploaded every day.

I like web galleries but I’m a fan of photo books too (you should see our bookshelf at home). We’ve been telling our users about Blurb for many years cause it’s not about either web or print, it’s both. When the web emerged many people predicted the death of print. The same reasoning predicted the end of still images when film arrived or end of black and white when color arrived. Now we know it’s about getting more ways to express yourself.

 To encourage you to also make awesome web galleries we’re offering you as Blurb user a 50% discount on all our products. Just enter BLURB50OFF as a discount code at checkout to claim your discount.


Warm regards

/David and the jAlbum team


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