Beards and splashing on a Wednesday

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I feel compelled to share with you all that today is a pretty cool day for Blurb. Today is the culmination of our 30 day “beard off” that saw more than a dozen of Blurb’s finest commit to a Morgan Spurlock-like trial of hairiness. Most of us made it to the end. Some couldn’t take the itchiness (or the rapid sasquatchian transformation) and dropped out early. Others couldn’t take the heat and bailed out under pressure from wives and significant others. And others literally couldn’t take the heat and shaved last week during our record-breaking warm spell.

For those who made it, the beard was its own reward (and I speak from experience here – I’m in the brown shirt, standing, second from right):

beards Beards and splashing on a Wednesday

We’re making a book that chronicles the beard off from Day One through today – we’ll let you know when it’s for sale in the bookstore. But first thing’s first – tomorrow is mustache day. (And no, we could never hold a candle to these guys.)

Chris Mrozewski also recently created a book with a theme. His book, The Splash Project, started out as a simple portrait book of friends, but eventually grew into an awesome collection of over 750 photographs. Chris describes each of the photographs as “an attempt to not only capture a completely genuine, unplanned reaction – but also the essence of the individual as I know them best: Smiling.” Kind of like the genuine, unplanned reaction our faces will have to sunlight after their first exposure in 30 days tomorrow. Only without the smiling.

Nice work Chris, and congrats on being chosen as BOTW. (And sorry your selection will be forever linked to our bearded shenanigans.)

splash project Beards and splashing on a Wednesday

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  1. A workplace where forgetting to shave is encouraged?


    As a former beard wearer, I can say with certainty that it does stop itching eventually. If you could’ve hung on just a little longer…

      May 22, 2008 – 1:01 pm   Permalink

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