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Words can’t describe your passion for books – unless of course you invent new lit lingo. Ben Schott just published a batch of peculiarly apt bookish words in this week’s New York Times Book Review (free registration required), including:

Bibliolatry: excessive admiration or love of books or any particular book
Bibliopole: one who sells or deals in books
Bibliomane: an indiscriminate hoarder of books

So with tongue-twisting adaptation, we can now describe what goes on at Blurb HQ: rampant Blurbliolatry by Blurbliopoles with definite Blurbliomane tendencies.

The Australian this week also covers the burgeoning litblogosphere, along with a handy list of compelling litblogs that includes a cheeky modern take on Victorian lit, an insider’s take on the literary scene liable to make you move to New York, and a BritLitblog portal that makes Britain sound like paradise on paper.

While you’re in the neighborhood, you may notice some Blurberati lurking around the litblogosphere – if your beside table is looking a little light on reading material, definitely check out Laura’s litblog for savvy recommendations and fair warnings. So that would make her, what, a Blurberatiolitblogolatomanopole?

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