Big news from Blurb: Sell your book, keep all the profits

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You know all those friends who said you could cash in on your book idea? Today Blurb is proving them right: We’re officially launching our Set Your Price program. You decide how much to charge for your book,and you keep 100 percent of the profit over Blurb’s base price for the book.

No really, that’s it.

When we looked at the royalty schemes out there and read all that fine print, we wondered: Does it really have to be so complicated? And why aren’t the people who make the books making the profits? In our ideal world, we thought, authors should be the ones to decide how much their books are worth. And authors should get to keep all the profits – not a 5 to 10 percent cut, as is normal in the publishing world.

While we’re at it: What’s with all those weird book covers chosen by publishers, and the obligatory six months between hardcover and softcover releases? Authors should be able to choose their own covers, and publish their book in hardcover and softcover as they see fit.

Welcome to our ideal world.

It’s free to sell your books for profit in Blurb’s Bookstore. You set your price, and you keep 100 percent of your profits. So if you want to make $2, $7, or $15 per book, you can. Go right ahead and sell your book as an affordable softcover, if you like. Or you can release your book as high-end hardbound book with a fancy book jacket. Or hey, try both. See how it goes – you can raise or lower your price whenever you want. This time next month you could be getting your first check for book profits from Blurb.

Check out our enrollment page for the details, but don’t go expecting fine print. There isn’t any. Sorry to disappoint. OK, if you really want some, here you go.

So what’s in it for us? We want you to make and sell lots of books, so that other people will buy and make lots more books. To that end, we’re providing free online-marketing tools to help you sell your book – your own storefront in Blurb’s Bookstore, sales tracking features, page view statistics (careful, this one’s addictive!), and book announcement and preview features. Clever eh?

We’ve done our best to make this program self-explanatory, so take a look and please let us know if we’re succeeding.

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pin it button Big news from Blurb: Sell your book, keep all the profits


  1. I think this is a great idea however i see one feature missing. Is there a way to track how many books you’ve sold? Maybe you ar on the fence about whether you could make a buck or just curious how many copies of your book have been purchased.

    Knowing the movement figures on a particular title seems to me an important piece of information, even if it’s only visible to the author.

    By Kevin
      January 9, 2007 – 6:34 pm   Permalink
  2. Yes, you can track the progress of books sold, profits made, you name it, on your Sales page. This page shows your book sales by month, total sales, and sales currently in process. Don’t blame us if it’s addicting.

    By Kathy
      January 9, 2007 – 6:40 pm   Permalink
  3. Are you planning to make this service available for other countries?. Thanks

      January 10, 2007 – 11:17 am   Permalink
  4. Hi Pablo – Our international Set Your Price program is still in development. Please stay tuned.

    By Kathy
      January 10, 2007 – 1:13 pm   Permalink
  5. Hi Kathy – 5 months have gone by since my last post and still no international Set Your Price program has been developed. I hope by the time you have your new printing facility working in the Netherlands, you’ll also launch the program. Regards,

      June 18, 2007 – 9:16 pm   Permalink

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