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bikepolo Bikes, polo, and book of the week

If I hadn’t stumbled across this book in the Blurb Bookstore, I would have never found my way to, and that would be a damn shame. But I did and I did, and now I’m neck deep in bike polo links, and Wheeled Horses is this week’s Book of the Week.

Bike Polo – apparently created by an Irishman named Richard Mecredy in 1891 – has evolved into Urban Cycle Polo, which basically means fewer rules and you can play anywhere. The sport is becoming pretty popular, and was even featured in the New York Times last year (login may be required to read). You can check out more Bike Polo photos and videos here.

Robert Griffin’s book features some great photography, and offers thanks to “all of you with the guts to swing mallets from atop your bike.” Um, yeah. Swinging mallets on bikes is pretty hard core. I’ll stick to Robert’s book for the time being, but I can probably commit to patronizing one of the Chicago Bike Polo Tournament sponsors.

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