Blogger Self-Publishes Book, Makes Templates, Makes Money

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A big Blurb cheer to blogger, mom, photographer, and entrepreneur Stacey Worthington! When Stacey was expecting her third child, she looked for books that would help her boys welcome the new baby into the family. She wanted something personal, meaningful, and beautiful – and when she couldn’t find it, she made her own book, using Blurb.

“On the Day I Was Born” was not just a hit for her family, it’s a hit among lots of expecting families. Through her blog, Stacey has sold hundreds of template sets that buyers can customize with photos and text to create a highly personal, sweetly beautiful book of their own.

day I was born Blogger Self Publishes Book, Makes Templates, Makes Money

We caught up with Stacey to get a little background on the project and her tips for bookmakers. Here’s what she had to say:

Blurb: So you’re pretty busy.  How did you find the time and how long did it take you to create “On the Day I Was Born”?

Stacey: Once I had the idea it went pretty quickly. I sketched it out, did a little storyboard to get the flow, and then used Photoshop to design each spread. I’m a night owl so I worked on it while the kids were asleep and I got so excited about it that I was able to put it together in about a week.

Blurb: We have to ask, why Blurb?

Stacey: I’d made books with a few photo book companies, including Blurb. I was really happy with the quality I saw in my Blurb books so I went with you guys.

day I was born 2 Blogger Self Publishes Book, Makes Templates, Makes Money

Blurb: Okay, so full disclosure here. You’re a Blurb affiliate.

Stacey: Yes, I am. I became an affiliate about a month ago. The templates were being sold on my site and I was recommending so many people to Blurb that I thought I should monetize it. So I googled the affiliate program for Blurb and joined. It’s been great and I’ve been able to offer discounts to people through the program, so it’s good all around.

Blurb: Tell us how people can use your templates.

Stacey: They can use Photoshop and build the book themselves or they can send me their photos and I’ll do it for them. I include a PDF that explains how to use the templates and Photoshop, and I recommend Blurb.

Blurb: How did you market the templates?

Stacey: Obviously on my blog but I also did a guest blog post on The Creative Mama blog and that resulted in a flood of emails and orders. Since then lots of people have been pinning spreads from their copies of “On the Day I Was Born” on Pinterest and that also helped.

day I was born 3 Blogger Self Publishes Book, Makes Templates, Makes Money

Blurb: Any more templates in the works?

Stacey: Definitely. I have a few ideas and, once summer winds down, I hope to create some more books and templates.

Blurb: What’s your number one tip for bookmakers?

Stacey: Don’t give up. This book obviously had a deadline – I had to get it done before my little girl was born, but don’t wait. Just make the time and do it. It’s a great feeling to make a book and even more fun to hold it in your hands.

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