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Blurb Class Reunion of 20131721 Blurb at Altitude

Good posture at the Blurb Reunion Party


photo 3 Blurb at Altitude

Lexy Ward’s design, style, and event portfolio


photo 1 Blurb at Altitude

Brittni Mehlhoff’s DIY craft book


photo 5 Blurb at Altitude

Annie Preece’s family cookbook




If you follow our Instagram feed, then you may have noticed our recent parade of bookmaker photos.That’s because we just spent a few days at Altitude Design Summit, a conference for design, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers.  In other words, it’s a well-dressed community of passionate content creators.

And while sharing great content in a blog can lead to fame, fortune, and community, it’s still no replacement for the satisfaction of filling a real book with the words you wrote and imagery you created. So we weren’t surprised at all to see Blurb books aplenty at ALT, since this was a crowd with a lot to show and tell.

Given the number of outfit changes that attendees had to packed, we’re impressed that any Blurb books managed to squeeze in to the luggage of attendees converging on Salt Lake City. We’re thankful that you brought them, though! We loved seeing so much talent and creativity proudly on display.

In addition to the aesthetic and design wow-factors, we were also struck by the business acumen at ALT. Attendees talked SEO, branding, and blog monetization. We met several bloggers from our affiliate program, which is an opportunity to partner with Blurb and share your joy of bookmaking on your website.

And on the last evening, we had a blast hosting one of the mini-parties, since we’re always looking for reasons to dust off the old tiaras. It was great to get some one-on-one face time with so many bookmakers, potential and practiced.

Until the next time, please keep making, sharing, and (when appropriate) putting glitter on it.


Blurb Class Reunion of 2013193 Blurb at Altitude

Blurb staffers – Sam, Brenna, and Maggie

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