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We know that Tamara Chuang, gadgetress for The Orange County Register, took at least one rather stunning photo of a sunset in Sequoia National Park. We know this because she used it on the cover of her first Blurb book and then reported on her bookmaking experience not once, but twice.

After a trip to Sequoia last summer, I finally decided to try one of these services. And with three digital cameras on the trip, I knew I wasn’t going to be satisfied with a 20-page book. I wanted a complete project and, since I was paying for it, the most bang for my buck. Besides, why should I pay a company so much when I’m doing most of the work myself?

So, what happened when she took BookSmart out for a spin?

Verdict: Photo book software is pretty easy to use. So to differentiate, companies like Blurb are offering a great price and lots of options, like different sizes and types of books. Blurb’s quality and fast shipping was a bonus. I didn’t expect it to look so professional.

Thanks to Tamara and the OCRegister for such a nice review.

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