Three Blurb books added to the Indie Photobook Library

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We’re excited to share that three Blurb Books, part of our Curated Collection, are now part of the indie Photobook Library (iPL). For those that don’t know, the iPL is a touring, pop-up collection of photography books that takes up residence in different locations across the country. Helmed by Larissa Leclair, the iPL collects self-published books from a wide range of photographers, including Alec Soth and Arthur Tress.

Here’s the line-up of new Blurb books in the iPL. Click any book to be taken to the book’s page on the iPL.

Welcome to Berlusconistan Three Blurb books added to the Indie Photobook Library


From the photographer: On the 27th of March, 1994, Silvio Berlusconi burst on the italian political scene winning the elections with his new party “Forza Italia”. On the 27th of March, 2009, he shakes Italy again, forming “Il Popolo della Libertà”, the “People of Freedom” a party uniting Forza Italia and the ex-fascists of Alleanza Nazionale. Since that congress of March 2009 I started to investigate this world. I focused on the people that go to the congress, meetings, rallies and that show in Berlusconi a total faith, despite the scandals and rumors of the past years. I’m interested in understanding the relation that is created between the people and his leader, and how, during this public meetings, they interact between each other. A relation that goes over the politics and his rules, a politician who becomes myth and catalyzes the attention of millions of persons, in Italy and abroad.


Overflow Three Blurb books added to the Indie Photobook Library


From the Photographer: Overflow is a photobook about what it feels like to look at another with affinity. I wanted to make a book that seduced the viewer, characterized by nuance and the unassuming. It is elaborate in its design, sequence, and layout. Every detail, every page gives you stimulation.

From Darius Himes: This book is filled with stunning, sensitive portraits of young men, most in their teens and early twenties. The lighting is natural and exquisite. The editing and sequencing are simple and have a good rhythm. There are neither too few nor too many photographs. The book is the right size for the images and the works sit on the page nicely. We learn in the back that this book is from a small edition of 25. All is just right.


book of dreams Three Blurb books added to the Indie Photobook Library

From the photographer: The project was a collaborative venture between me and participants who agreed to record their dreams via pinhole and written text. Each person was instructed on how to use the pinhole camera- the most basic and low tech form of camera that exists – and each person offered up an expertise that they have been born with: the ability to recall the hallucinatory images experienced during sleep.

The process was fairly straightforward and accessible: each participant took home my pinhole camera and set it up with the aperture facing their bed as per my instructions which were outlined in the back flap of the journal. Before tucking in for the night’s sleep, the pinhole shutter was opened and the lights turned off. The person then went to sleep and dreamed. Upon waking, the shutter was closed and the participant recorded the contents of what was dreamed during the 8 to 9 hour exposure.

As an evolving book of dream recordings, the journal has the interesting function of acting as an archive of the people whose dreams are inside and an intimate story book that each contributor had the opportunity to read before adding their own entry.
The Book of Dreams is related to process, performance, and an attempt to translate the ephemeral experience of a dream into a tangible document through photography and writing.

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pin it button Three Blurb books added to the Indie Photobook Library

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