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Check it out: our new book preview widget, Blurb BookShow™, is racking up the ink. You’ll find stories about it in today’s Publisher’s Weekly, Photography Blog, Professional Photographer, British Journal of Photography, and Photography Monthly.

For those of you who don’t know already, BookShow lets you show off and share your book in your online world on Facebook, your website, and blog – and (super big drum roll here) even on the iPad (pinch, zoom images – very cool!).

Friends and fans can flip through your book’s pages just like they were holding your masterpiece in their hands. They can even comment on it, click to buy it, or (another drumroll, please) share your book with others on Facebook or Twitter.

The stats have us (and BookShow users) beaming. In a group of 25,000 testers, all with books in our Set Your Price program, BookShow users saw a 700% increase in views of their book and an 88% increase in sales of their books.

To get BookShow, sign into your account. By the way, you control how much of your book to share – some, all, or just select pages. Happy booksharing!

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