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PhotoBookGirl knows a thing or two about photo books — she has a whole website devoted to the subject. And while she is a Blurb affiliate (just being up front about it), her opinions are, in her words, entirely her own. Which is why we were delighted to see that she’d written an enthusiastic and informative post about our ebooks.

We’ve excerpted some of our favorite moments below, but please check out her whole post for more:

This process is different from the share function using Twitter or Facebook which has been available at no charge for quite some time (and b/t/w is available with many photo book companies). What’s funny is I rarely have shared my books via social media or via e-mail. I really like to have the physical copy in my hands to share with friends and family and especially if it’s a gift for them, sending it out ahead of time kind of ruins the surprise you know? This does however give me ideas for some end of year projects. I may create an eBook version of a “year in review” book I’m planning to make and share it with my friends. What’s nice is that friends who may still want to buy an actual book can do so, and for those that just want to view it on their iPads or iPhones, they can just download the eBook version for free.

For those who are doing the 365 project along with me – after you print out a copy of the book for yourself, wouldn’t it be fun to have an eBook version you can show off to your friends, or send to them so they can see what you did this past year?

For pro photographers, this may be a fun revenue generating option to add on to a wedding package (you set the price, and keep 80%) or as a nice complimentary bonus for brides and grooms. Perhaps guests, bridal party and other relatives who may not normally buy prints may be interested in paying a small fee to buy a nice eBook of photos commemorating the big day.

Thanks again, PhotoBookGirl!


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