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Personalized gifts are all the rage – and why not? As a recent New York Times article noted when people are “searching for meaning beyond a price tag,” custom-made gifts are a great solution, and so, as the article points out, are websites like Blurb where you can make those gifts. But Blurbarians, you already know that.

Take Linda Ruggieri, a Blurb bookmaker whose family cookbook has been a favorite all-occasion gift for two years running. Linda says she was inspired to make the book after one of her relatives gave a collection of recipe cards detailing family favorites as a gift one year.

“She had written on one card that the meatballs tasted so much better if you rolled up your stockings around your knees and wore a scarf like Aunt Mary when you made them,” says Linda. “It just begged for a visual so I sent out a call for photo submissions.”

ruggieri Blurb in the New York Times

The result is a cookbook that still makes the rounds at every family get-together. We know there are more of these stories out there and we’re pretty sure that many Blurb books were given as gifts over the holidays. So, tell us, what’s the story behind your story? How did you surprise friends and family this year with a Blurb book? Send us your story. Send us your videos. Helpful hint: Select “Suggestions and Feedback” as the category on the form.

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