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Ever since we announced our expansion into Europe, we’ve been getting some attention from the European media. While we can’t link to everything, we’ll post what we can, when we can.

Pocket-lint, a gadget news and reviews site, posted Blurb creative DIY book publishing launches in the UK:

Using the drag-and-drop-type BookSmart software that you can download from the Blurb website for free, you can design your own Blurb book on whatever subject takes your fancy.

Handbag “provides the inside track for busy women online” and had this to say about Blurb:

Blurb’s BookSmart technology lets anyone with modest computer and design experience create commercial-quality books by dragging and dropping images and adding text to professionally designed page layouts. And by modest we mean that your dad could manage it, even if he hasn’t yet worked out how to use his mobile!

Please let us know if you mention us in your blog, here in the U.S. or anywhere in the world, and we just might mention you in the blog!

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  1. I’m in Europe and have recently found your mighty software! I’ve been telling it on the mountains, in my flickr groups and to good old net friends over the planet

      August 15, 2007 – 2:06 pm   Permalink

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