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If you’ve never read Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools, today might be the day to start. Kevin, the senior maverick at Wired magazine, is the editor and publisher of Cool Tools, a popular site dedicated to recommending cool tools. Under the aptly named Consumptivity category, he’s posted a really thorough write-up on personal bookprinting, and tips his hat to Blurb’s photo books:

For the past two years I’ve been producing high-quality books in very small quantities using several different services. I’ve shown these finished books around to many people, including those in the New York publishing industry and media, and everyone has agreed the quality is first class.

Blurb, however, besides having the best prices, is the most dedicated to servicing the widening long-tail of personal book making.

… some high school kids are making their own full-color alternative anti-yearbooks.

He’s also singled out our How to Make a Book:

… and Blurb has released a meta-book, a book which tells you how to make a book. It’s quite well done, with solid advice useful no matter where you get it printed. While you can purchase a Blurb-made hard copy of this book, they also wisely offer a free downloadable PDF version.

Thanks, Kevin!

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