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For those of you who don’t hang out on our home page, you might want to click there to see our first Blurb video. Or check it out on YouTube.

As for the back story on the video, well, there’s not much of one. Basically, we have a demo video we show at tradeshows and thought it would be great to shorten it for viewing on the site. The creative department took it from there, with Nikita doing the heavy lifting.

Now, to answer the question a lot of people will be asking: Where did we get that cool music? We didn’t have to go any further than Konstantin, in our engineering department. His group, PolyGroovers, is an electronica/down-tempo duo, and the hardest decision for us was switching out the tracks to get the one that worked best with the video. Let us know what you think.

Also, while on the subject of videos, we already know that some of you are producing videos with your Blurb books as the centerpiece. Share your Blurb video with us or post it to YouTube and we’ll write you up and post a link back to your video.

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