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Have you heard? There’s a new Harry Potter book out and a lot of the Blurberati are fans. In fact, at last count, 10 of us are reading or have read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and here are our thoughts so far. Warning: We are sharing insider stuff here, so read at your own risk. Talk about spoiler: A mom was overheard reading the last chapter of Harry to her kids on public transportation! We won’t do that to you. Only the last few are potential spoilers and marked as such.

It is easily the most well written book she has put out. And it nicely ties up many loose ends and expands a great deal on the characters we have come to love. I loved the development of Dumbledore. In a single book he went from a two-dimensional archetype of good to a full-fleshed human with skeletons in his closet. The book was gripping and pulled you along to its very end. It was a fitting ending to a saga we have all become a part of.

Once I got to page 400 something or so, it was pedal to the metal all the way. I couldn’t stop reading. When I had to stop reading, during lunch for example or while in conversation, I was told I had a zombie stare, or “Harry stare” as it were. Let’s just say the book did not disappoint and was entertaining and moving on so many levels. Not only will I read all seven books in a row soon, but I can actually say that I am looking forward to the final movie.

I don’t really know what to say except for the fact that it has been tough to not fake a sick day to just stay home and finish this one off.

I thought the book was great, but there are still a lot of things I’d like to know. I’m really looking forward to a Harry Potter Encyclopedia that explains all the things that couldn’t be covered in the last book. (e.g. Do Luna and Neville get together?)

Woke up Saturday morning with 350 pages left. The wife, kiddie, and I were supposed to head to a friend’s for brunch and a day out in the city. I really was sick, but my wife just thinks I stayed home to finish Harry Potter. I must admit she was half-right. :-)

I couldn’t put it down. Hugely satisfied in the end, though wish Snape would’ve made more of an appearance throughout the book though his final revelation was well formed.

Greg D.
I really enjoyed the end to the Harry Potter series, it was a well written finale given all the hype around the book. The only unbelievable part to the whole fantasy series to me is that Hermione Granger would be romantically interested in Ron Weasley. :-)

Potential Spoiler Alerts – Don’t Glance Down If You Don’t Want To Know!

Despite having forgotten major plot lines and any accompanying details from Book 6, I was back on board and hooked in a jiffy. The last 200 pages were a whirling dervish of suspenseful frenzy that concluded in a richly satisfying way, like a flourless chocolate cake. I thought I’d be forlorn after finishing this 8-year-love affair, but instead I’ve been absolutely contented by how neatly and completely all loose ends were tied up.

*I always thought Dobby was rather Jar Jar Binks, but boy did I cry bitterly over him.

I read the final pages in the car en route to the airport – even though I normally get a tad carsick if I read in the car. Guess there was some magic going on ’cause I wasn’t aware that we were even moving.

The next day, after arriving home, I bought a Snape action figure for my office. That’s all I’m gonna say. :-)

Don’t know how she does it every single time….but, for the 7th book in a row, JK had me at the edge of my seat (and ready to fight the evil dementors!) from the first page to the last! The war at Hogwarts and the final ending couldn’t have been described any better and both were more than satisfying. Can’t wait to re-read all of the books back-to-back-to-back…(well, you get the point).

So, has anyone else read Harry Potter yet?

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  1. Just finished it last night– I felt slightly silly racing home to finish the last 200 pages, but then happily collapsed into a state of Potter overload with visions of wand battles dancing in my head. Harry Potter is the crack rock of fantasy novels.

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  2. I bought the book Saturday at 7:00PM and had finished it by 8:00PM on Sunday, including a break for sleeping and church. It was just absolutely amazing!! I know there’s a lot of hype, but it really is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s just so well-written. It ties up a lot of loose ends while still leaving enough to the imagination. Bravo Ms. Rowling!!! (And bravo to Blurb for letting me get this off my chest : ) )

    By Amy
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