Blurb switches to per-page pricing

blurb pricing Blurb switches to per page pricing

So, you’ve probably heard we’re switching to per-page pricing. In short, we think it makes things a lot easier for you – and in most cases, also less expensive. Read on to find out more:

Q: Wait, what’s happening?

A: Blurb is switching to a simple, per-page pricing model. This means that every book size has a starting price for 20 pages, just like before, but now each additional page has a price. Say you make a 24-page, Standard Landscape book:

Starting price with 20 pages= $22.72  AUD
4 Standard Paper pages at $0.23 each= $0.92 AUD
Total book cost= $23.64 AUD

Q: What the heck was it before?

A: Previously we used 20-page ranges (or “bands”) to determine the price, meaning you paid the same thing if your book was 21 pages or 40 pages. Then your book went up in price when you hit the next range of pages, 41 to 60, then 61 to 80, etc.

Q: Why the change?

A: It was confusing, particularly because there were spike-y jumps in price between bands. In the old way, simply by adding two pages outside your band, your price could increase by $4 (instead of, say, $0.40). Additionally we heard from lots of customers that they only wanted to pay for the pages they actually used vs. pay for all the pages in a band.

Q: What does that mean for the price of my book?

A: In most cases – for more than 80% of our most popular book combinations (books with Premium and Standard papers up to 240 pages) – prices will either be going down or staying the sameBut, averaging out those odd page bands among single-page prices means that some books may see a price increase. Those using ProLine papers are more likely to see an increase.

Q: What if my book’s price goes up?

A: If your purchased book is publicly available in the bookstore, your book’s price will stay the same (just note that if you make any changes to your book, it will count as a new book, and you’ll lose that benefit). If your book isn’t publicly available (or you’re still working on it), we’ll honor the previous price for 30 days – just contact our Customer Support Team for a price adjustment.

Q: OK, so what if my price goes down and my book is for sale using Set Your Price?

A: The amount you originally set under “Your Profit” will stay the same, but since your “Base Price” goes down, your “Store Price” will also go down. You have the option to change your “Store Price” back to the previous amount, or leave it as is and pass the savings on to your customer (just change “Your Profit” under the “Sell” tab on your book’s details page).

More upcoming improvements on the pricing front

In the coming weeks we’ll be launching per-title volume discounts: So your book will earn discounts based on the number of copies you sell, even if you sell them separately, several months apart – stay tuned for details on that. And, for our friends in Europe who pay VAT, we’re also going to begin factoring that in to the prices you see on our pricing page., so you won’t have to calculate those percentages.

See how it all works over on the Blurb pricing page. Have general questions? Let us know in the comment section below. Have more specific questions about your particular book? Our Support Team will be glad to help.