Blurberati with Cameras: Zeiss Ikon Nettar

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Zeiss Ikon Nektar Blurberati with Cameras: Zeiss Ikon Nettar

Zeiss Ikon Nettar

At Blurb, we’re not just engineers, art directors, copywriters, developers, and operations managers, we’re also photographers. And naturally, we love our cameras: modern, antique, digital, analog, SLR, DSLR, box, bellows, range finder, and point-and-shoot. In this occasional blog series we’re showing off the cameras we use and talking about why we like them:

Camera: Zeiss Ikon Nettar Z515 6×4,5
Owner: Gennadiy (Instagram username MAGGENA)

This camera was made in Germany in 1938. During World War II my grandfather, Samuel, was in the Soviet Army and went all the way from Moscow to Berlin, where he celebrated the Victory Day. I believe this camera, along with a couple of watches, was brought back home as a trophy. I did not remember my grandfather; he died before I was born, however this camera is still alive and in pretty mint condition.

My father was taking pictures of our family with it when I was a kid, and even though I now have a Canon 5D Mark2, once-in-a-while I take photos using this awesome, old, medium-format camera. I love its old charm, 120mm film and 2:3 ratio. My son is only 4 now, but I hope that one day he will also be enjoying this old camera.

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  1. I have a different model Nettar. It is the coolest camera. So glad to see them getting some love.

      August 25, 2011 – 5:38 pm   Permalink
  2. Hey Neal,

    It is a great camera. I very nearly stole this one during the photo shoot.



    By Kent
      August 25, 2011 – 6:45 pm   Permalink
  3. I love that camera it has such vintage beauty <3

      September 29, 2011 – 12:16 am   Permalink

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