Blurb’s last news roundup of 2007

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Before we put 2007 to bed, here’s one last look at the latest write-ups to mention Blurb.

In the Seattle Post-Intellegencer blog, Kathleen VanDerAa listed Blurb as an excellent custom cookbook option for foodies. Sounds tasty to us.

Wedding Bee generated more Blurb buzz with the post Our Honeymoon In Paris: A Blurb Book Review. The pictures of the writer’s finished book are gorgeous.

Jon at The DC Traveler said that Blurb was a great holiday gift idea. You know, that’s still going to be true come Valentine’s Day. (Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.)

Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, really made us blush when editor, Kevin Scanlon wrote:

If by now you’re starting to think that Blurb is almost too good to be true. Well, it just might be. I have searched far and wide to find a printing company that could even come close to what Blurb offers –and I would certainly prefer to buy from a Canadian source that’s closer to my neighbourhood –but I couldn’t. And friends who have tried several other options have not only been disappointed but have become Blurb customers after seeing the quality of my book.

We heart geeks. Dean at Geekpreneur asked, “Is Blurb a solution for geeks who write?” The answer to the question: A resounding yes.

Do you speak Italian? Journalist, Ada Guglielmino wrote about us in The Daily Bit. Grazie mille to Ada and everyone who covered Blurb this year. We love being news makers and bookmakers. (And booty shakers, but that’s only on the dance floor.) Here’s to more good news in 2008, for us and for you too. If you have news for us, let us know.

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