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In an interview with Hugh MacLeod over at the gapingvoid blog, mega blogger Seth Godin explains why he decided to turn “more than 180 riffs that have appeared in Fast Company or on my blog over the last six or seven years” into a just-published book, Small is the New Big.

It’s important not to underestimate the totem value of a book. The same way a white lab coat makes a placebo more likely to be effective (or a witch doctor’s hat for that matter), a book delivers an impact that a blog can’t.

While there’s certainly some ego in wanting your thousands of posts not to disappear, there’s also a real desire on my part to give my existing readers the ability to taunt their co-workers by handing them a book instead of emailing them a link. If my job is to make change, I need to use the best tools that are available.

It’s also hard to read a blog at the beach.

Of course, Godin is already a bestselling author and public speaker who doesn’t have much difficulty convincing publishers to commit his digital musings to paper. For the rest of us bloggers, there’s … well, let’s just say we here at Blurb HQ are hard at work on a solution to that nasty sand-in-the-laptop problem.

Thanks to BuzzMachine for pointing us to this great interview.

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