Book of the Week: ‘Alt Design Summit – 2012’

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After a spectacular event, there’s nothing like reveling in the photos to help keep those good times rolling.

Just a few weeks after attending ALT Design Summit, I was thrilled to discover the book put together by the official ALT photographer, Justin Hackworth, in our bookstore. Of course, I’d already pored over everything in the Flickr sets, but Justin did a lovely job of curating all of those images into a smaller compilation that really summed up the best and brightest bits of ALT.

ALT screenshot 1 Book of the Week: ‘Alt Design Summit   2012’

Foot fashion

The ladies of ALT gave compelling evidence:  what you wear can be a fantastic form of creativity and expression. Revisiting the scene reminds me that it’s a pretty easy way to make yourself feel spry, especially when you happen to have a drawer full of brightly colored tights at home.

speakers and listeners Book of the Week: ‘Alt Design Summit   2012’

Speakers and Listeners

Even better than feeling inspired by my legwear, is being inspired by what’s going on in my head. These photos of panels and sessions at Alt bring me back to sitting in those conference rooms, loving the sense of esprit de corps and basking in the words of wisdom. Some of my favorite include:

  • “When something is challenging to you, it’s interesting for other people to watch.” – Lisa Congdon
  • “There’s something to be said for really embracing the fire in you and letting it take over sometimes.” – Anne Sage
  • “If I cram my life full of the things I love, there is no room for the things I don’t love.” – Gretchen Rubin
  • “Discovering things about the world helps you discover things about who you are.” – Ben Silbermann
  • “When you fall out of love with it, so does everyone else.” – Kelly Beal

And if I’m ever in need of a day that’s just magic, I’ll simply ask everyone to dress-up in white – as the ALT attendees did for the Winter Wonderland party.

ALT screenshot 3 Book of the Week: ‘Alt Design Summit   2012’

Diner En Blanc

If you never knew about the world of design and lifestyle bloggers, take a look at this book to get a taste of the fun, inspiration, and creativity that these women (and a few men) ooze from their carefully powdered pores.


Looking for more goodness? Check out ALT’s best up and coming blogs from 2011.

And of course, there’s always next year!


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