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This slim volume of collage artworks may be small, but it packs an outsized punch. Alexandre Cruz, better known as Sesper, is a visual artist from São Paulo, Brazil, whose edgy cut-n-paste style adorns galleries, skateboards, posters and CDs across the city. His work is aggressive and irreverent, densely layered with paper, cardboard, wood, and… is that a real moth?

Anthropomorphic forms bristle with guns, hacked logos and photos of expensive consumer devices. Provocative text, much of it in English, collides with medical diagrams and graffiti-style tags of the artist’s own name. And if all that isn’t enough, staples jammed into the images add a visceral sense of danger. (How dangerous, you ask? Just see what he does to a laptop computer in this video – warning: it’s not for the faint of heart!)

Sesper has become a prolific Blurb bookmaker (five at last count), but Cropping grabbed our attention right away. If you’re in southern Brazil, keep an eye open for Sesper and his colleagues in the Famiglia Baglione art collective, or maybe you’ll run into Garage Fuzz, the loud rock band he’s fronted since 1991. Either way, Sesper’s creativity gets right up in your face.

UPDATE: Just as we were preparing this post this morning, Juxtapoz magazine published this fascinating article about Sesper’s latest project, a room-sized collage installation inspired by a brutal murder case. Check it out.

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