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I say curator. You think museum. Or maybe art gallery. But Sam Dobrow thinks book.

Sam recently curated a book of photography called dA Love. It began as a contest on deviantART, which happens to be the largest online art community in the world. (If deviantART overwhelms you, grasp it here.) He reviewed the entries, chose the winning images, and sequenced them in BookSmart to form a visual story. The photos depict love, from maternal to carnal. It’s an excellent collection of work from a community of emerging artists. Take a moment to preview it. Every image is striking. I wanted to see more.

Curating the pages of a book is similar to curating an exhibit. In both instances you select the featured work and set the style and tone to evoke feelings and create a unique experience. Sam’s book is a great example of this and that’s why it made Book of the Week.

botwcover1 Book of the Week delves into deviantART

Well done, Sam. You have a sharp eye for provocative photos and we liked your collection very much.

Have any other Blurbarians thought about approaching books from a curator’s perspective? Do you have thoughts, tips, or questions about curating a book? We’d welcome a good discussion.

P.S. If you’re considering curating a book, try our Community Book feature to gather your content.

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  1. Indeed, I just published a curated book on Blurb two days ago: “Community of Variation” ( ) is a book of 64 images by 29 artists from the Context Free Art community.

    I sifted through hundreds of entries to pull together this collection. Then the long process of working with so many artists began. I kept track of their input and details in a small custom database. From licenses to biographical details, to comments on proofs, there were surprising number of fiddly bits to keep track of. The whole process took about four months.

    I’m happy to share more details if anyone wants.

    By Mark Lentczner
      January 31, 2008 – 12:41 am   Permalink
  2. That’s actually funny, because I’m doing the exact same thing at the moment. On january 1st I started TeratomaBooks, which is an artbook anthology, that features 5 different artists each time. First book is out soon. Check it out here:

      February 9, 2008 – 1:37 pm   Permalink

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