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The first rule of fight club: Make a book about fight club. Ok, that’s not the first rule, but I couldn’t help it. I’ve been looking at the photographs inside shamrock boxing and they keep making me think of three things: My own experiences in the ring, the song “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J, and the film Fight Club.

Our Book of the Week, shamrock boxing, features photographs by Stacey Downey that are poignant, intentionally grainy, and stylized to be over saturated and rich in color. The subjects exude the many layers of a boxer’s spirit. At times the fighters look stoic, contemplative, contracted, and strong. Other times, they look warm, friendly, even playful. If you’ve boxed or studied martial arts, you’ll probably see these photographs and feel connected to the Shamrock Boxing Club, imagining the way it smells, how the ropes feel, or what the vibe is like. That’s a pretty powerful thing for a book to do, and that’s why it’s this week’s selection.

botw Book of the Week is a knock out

Congratulations, Stacey. Let us know what the people at Shamrock Boxing Club think of your book. Everyone at Blurb loved it.

A lot of people ask us how we select Blurb’s Book of the Week and Staff Picks. We’ve blogged about it before, but thought to elaborate a bit … We don’t go by the cover or how the book is selling. Every week, the content team reviews every single book made public in Blurb’s bookstore with its Preview turned on. From there, we look for books featuring unique subject matter that represent our diverse bookstore categories. We also look for books that make good use of BookSmart and that represent many types of authors and skill levels. In showing you a wide range of what others are doing with Blurb, our goal is to show you the infinite possibilities.

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  1. Stacey did a great job of putting this book together. The images are strong, the idea is clear and it seemed like a natural for this book. We are very proud of her at NKU where she did this book for my Art of the Book class. Our hats are off to Stacey.

      October 17, 2007 – 7:14 pm   Permalink
  2. As long as we’re on the subject of boxing books, check out KNOCKOUT by Ken Regan, a top-ranked photographer whose career began in the early 1960s and continues to this day. Ali is on the cover, an image you’re sure to recognize; lots of shots of him and other boxers as well, including Tyson, Sugar Ray, George Foreman, Frazier, even Roberto (and Leon!). Page link is, from Insight Editions.

      October 18, 2007 – 12:13 pm   Permalink
  3. Stacey is an awesome photographer. As a peer of mine at NKU, she’s been a great influence to get better. Great job Stacey!

      October 21, 2007 – 6:56 pm   Permalink

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