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Has this happened to you: You bring home a bunch of seemingly luscious fruit from the supermarket, take the first bite, and … nothing. No flavor. Thinking this was my own fault I bought a book on how to pick out produce, and so began my education on how to sniff, squeeze, and assess fruits and veggies. When I finally accepted that it had more to do with over-farming than my ability to pick good produce, I started to hit up the local farmers market. Problem solved.

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Small, local farms are bringing flavor back. Just ask Andy and Robin Ciordia. They’re the authors behind The Farms that Feed You, our Book of the Week. In it, they devote 118 pages to topics such as the slow food movement, organic farming, sustainable agriculture, food miles, and being green. (Think carbon footprint, not kale.) Their book description says it best:

This book is the beginning of a narrative for regional farming and best practices set forth by individuals and families who want a better tomorrow by having a better meal today.

The preview alone left us really inspired. Congratulations, Andy and Robin, we appreciate how your book is building awareness for this important subject matter. We also appreciate the photos of pigs enjoying mud baths. (Yeah, we have a thing for spa treatments.)

All this talk of fresh produce makes us want to go browse the Blurb Bookstore cooking section in search of some recipes. Plum tarts anyone? Banana bread? If you’ve got a recipe, don’t be shy.

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