Book of the Week is quite a tail

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Once upon a time, Bruce Shedd made up a bedtime story for his kids about a dragon named Fanciful – and abracadabra-alacazam, he made it into a book at Blurb. And not just any book, mind you, but Blurb’s Book of the Week.

A Tail of Magic is no ordinary book about your average fire-breathing winged monster. Fanciful has a weakness for lollipops (so much for dragon breath), a large tail that makes him less than aerodynamic, and can’t exactly glow in the dark like his mom does … but he does have his own hidden talent. So what is it? Ah, for that bit of information you’ll have to put on your PJs, brush your teeth, and read the book.

fanciful Book of the Week is quite a tail

By now we all know what Bruce’s hidden talent is: Making books that win over kids, and adults besides (ahem). Congratulations, Bruce, and let us know when you’re ready to tell another bedtime story.

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  1. I thought both the storyline and the illustrations were enchanting. I’m dying to know what happens after the first 16 pages though!

    By Marc
      January 25, 2007 – 8:27 am   Permalink
  2. Marc – Great comment. Guess you’re going to have to buy the book — just don’t tell us the ending.

    By Kathy
      January 25, 2007 – 11:04 am   Permalink
  3. Hey Kathy!… I’ll buy the book, if you cover the UPS delivery to Italy. ($38 and $45 respectively!)

    By Marc
      January 27, 2007 – 2:26 am   Permalink

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