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If armchair travel were to go first-class, say with wine served by smiling stewards, full-on reclining chairs, fluffy pillows, and the like, this is the book that would be handed to you to complete the experience. Just click on the orange tab above and you’ll see.

Painting With Light by Rob Armitage brilliantly records his travels around the globe and close to home where he lives in the Cotswolds of England. Filled with sweeping panoramics, rich details, portraits, interiors, street scenes, rice paddies, moors, camels, cows, and the odd water buffalo, this color-filled book makes you feel like a world wanderer minus the jet lag.

Rob says he put the book together in about six weeks, working in the evenings after work. As is evident as you flip through the pages, he also put in scads of sunrise and sunset shoots to capture that magic light. Really nice. We’d also like to give Rob a mighty thumbs up for his use of the double truck, in other words, spreading images over a two-page spread. It really adds to the sequencing and lends that sweeping, breathtaking scope that many of his images deserve. By the way, double trucks aren’t tricky – you can learn how to integrate them into your own bookmaking skills here.

Thanks to Rob for sharing his book. And thanks to him also for letting us feature “Painting With Light” and debut our soon-to-be-released BookShow™ widget (still in beta, folks, but coming soon) so that you can preview and savor his book page by page.

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  1. “FANTASIC”, enough said . Earl

    By Earl
      March 20, 2010 – 6:46 am   Permalink
  2. Very beautiful and impressive. I am new here and a prose writer/photographer. Hope to submit my work soon. thanks for the insperation!

    By K.L.
      March 24, 2010 – 10:53 pm   Permalink
  3. Eileen, that widget is just amazing. I tip my cap to your team for this tool to promote books across social media. Great job! (And that books is NICE too).

      March 26, 2010 – 1:32 pm   Permalink
  4. Very nice book!!

    to comment on what you said about retouching in digital…in the’old’ days I retouched also my photos and for press they were colorcorrected and retouched as well. Nothing has really changed in that sense. If you can’t picture or have the eye, photoshop still won`t help

    Looking forward to your next book

      March 30, 2010 – 7:08 am   Permalink
  5. Really nice book.

    By Jatin Patel
      March 30, 2010 – 11:50 pm   Permalink

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