Book of the Week serves breakfast all day long

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My friend Blane and I play a game where we toss out the names of the celebrities we’d like to have make us breakfast in bed. I guess that’s not really a game, but more of a wish list. (Note to Keanu: I take my coffee black.) I think we focus on breakfast because there’s something about that ritual and time of day that’s defining and comforting. Plus, breakfast in bed is just plain cozy. And, breakfast in books? Fascinating …

Jon Huck, is the photographer and author behind, Breakfast. The book features portraits of individuals above portraits of their breakfast. I’m telling you: If you think people take on the look and feel of their pets, wait until you see how they reflect their breakfast choices. I loved seeing the earthy girl with her two giant cups of coffee, and nothing else. Seeing her and that huge hit of caffeine seemed to fit perfectly. There’s also a couple that divides breakfast into yogurt and dim sum served on brightly colored dishes. The images made me want to know them, or at least have brunch with them. There are blueberries, baked beans, and even some Froot Loops in the first 16 pages alone. Preview it to see this eclectic collection for yourself. It feels intimate to match the food to the person who eats it. Almost like a psychology experiment minus the lofty scientific purpose.

If you get caught up in the portraits and want to see more, Jon shows all the Breakfast photos on his Web site. It appears that this project is generating a lot of buzz. I read about it in many places, from Yum Sugar and Lifelounge to blogs written by photographers, designers, professors of nutrition, and foodies. His other work is equally wonderful and interesting. I get a sense that we’ll see a lot more of Jon Huck, in books and all over the art scene.

Jon, your Book of the Week really captured our attention. And it made us hungry. For more of your books. Not for Froot Loops.

So, if we showed up tomorrow morning with a camera at your home, what would we find you eating for breakfast? Me? On most days it’s a banana, organic brown rice, and egg whites.

 Book of the Week serves breakfast all day long

© Jon Huck (image found via the ExposureCompensation blog)

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pin it button Book of the Week serves breakfast all day long


  1. This blog entry would make anyone want to see this book…great writing! Great idea for a book!

    By Valerie
      December 6, 2007 – 7:57 am   Permalink
  2. Just got this book in the mail. I really dig this photography series but I think the print quality did it a disservice. Maybe I’m too oversensitive to the production quality of these things, but the photos didn’t seem as crisp as they should be in a book dedicated solely to photography.

    By Cari
      December 27, 2007 – 3:56 pm   Permalink
  3. Hi Cari. Here’s a Blurb Forums post that explains how Blurb books are printed. Mostly it sets expectations for digital offset printing. This is a new technology and creating a “print on demand” book is a very unique and affordable process. For many artists and photographers it’s the first time that they are able to publish their work at all. Bottom line is that we pride ourselves on bookstore-quality and if you find that the book you ordered has a manufacturing defect, we’ll make good on it. Hope that helps. -Allison

      December 27, 2007 – 6:23 pm   Permalink

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