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Okay, we’re all about the beautiful book. The book that celebrates fine art. Books that send our artistic instincts aflutter. But we’re also suckers for story. We love it when someone captures a narrative, tells the story, weaves a tale, and oh yeah, makes us smile.

T is for Tibia had us laughing, flinching, and celebrating the art of story all at the same time. A clever take on the ABCs, it’s one guy’s tale of injury, treatment, and recovery. That he took a lighthearted, snapshot approach is pretty cool given that he’s a BlurbNation member and very accomplished travel photographer with a slew of Blurb books under his belt. We love that he put this book together simply and seemingly without a lot of fuss.

For those of you who faint at the site of bandaids (that’s plasters for you U.K. folks) be forewarned there are some serious staple shots in this book. For everyone else, take a look. Life is not always beautiful but it doesn’t mean that you can’t poke fun at it. As far as we’re concerned “T is for Tibia” gets an “A” for originality.

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  1. i loved it. sharing with co-workers

    By pat
      April 16, 2010 – 2:26 pm   Permalink

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