Book of the Week: The Roots of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Okay, like nearly everyone on this planet, we’re caught up in World Cup fever. So, it only seemed fitting to give a big shout out to Keita Yasukawa and his book The Roots of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The book captures the humble beginnings of Portuguese soccer phenom Cristiano Ronaldo, who, in addition to being captain of the Portuguese national team and a forward on Real Madrid team, is one of the world’s highest paid and closely followed soccer/footballer stars. Keita himself has some pretty impressive awards to his name. You learn more about those and see more of his work at his website.

We caught up with Keita via email. He told us that this book was the result of two trips to Madeira. Portugal, one trip in 2008 and another in 2009. He went with a writer and was fortunate to find a taxi driver named Clemente who took him around to all of Ronaldo’s old haunts (as long as it wasn’t too early in the morning or during a televised soccer/football match – the man had his priorities!).

Keita says that he used BookSmart to make his book. He also dipped into Photoshop, which he used to create some custom layouts. You can get the scoop on how to do that here.

Keita says (and we quote), “I have made three books and several copies using Blurb and Blurb has never let me down. Compared with other services I’ve used, I think Blurb has the most consistent color.”

Keita’s pick for the World Cup? Japan, of course. Portugal as well. Keita also thinks Argentina has a pretty good chance. By the way, for a look on a very different take on how soccer stars are made, check out this recent article.

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