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Ready for something insanely cute? I mean, so cute it’ll make you squeal “key-oooooooot!” and try to pinch your computer screen? Then check out this baby. So sweet it gives you a phantom toothache, right? Hey, you were warned.

Without naming names, I can tell you that the first glimpse of My First Three Months is sending the many proud new papas of Blurb scurrying to make yet another baby book. Modesty and a certain diplomacy prevents us from naming any staff baby books Blurb’s Book of the Week – the dog book rivalries around here are dangerous enough. But when we saw this book from wee publishing prodigy Nitya Peumans appear in the Blurb Bookstore, there was a chorus of cooing at Blurb HQ. And was that a sniffle I heard? From a hard-boiled engineer, even?

Well, I’m not one to mock. This book has awakened some serious auntie instincts, and inspired me to visit my friend’s week-old daughter with a digital camera in hand. If Nitya can make a 40-page book this a-freaking-dorable in three months, maybe it can be done in one? Let’s just hope the kid’s not camera-shy… we’ll get that baby published yet.

The one hitch to this master publishing plan is that I’m a writer, not a photographer. So all you Blurb baby book maestros out there: got any tips for your fellow Blurbarians on taking the perfect baby book cover shot, or any inspired prop suggestions? Do tell…

Want to make your own baby photo book? Get started now!

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