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I am certain that cats were entirely capable of sitting still for the entire duration of a photographic exposure in the 19th century, they simply chose not to. So despite being a self-proclaimed cat lady, I am a sucker for these Blurb books of vintage dog portraiture.

Adam Schnitzer’s Dog by My Side is a lovingly designed book of photographs, which were collected by his father, Martin.  I love the ruffles and bows, the crossed ankles, and those faithful sidekicks. I’m quite sure there were treats involved though I highly doubt they were pre-packaged.

dog by my side Books of the Week: A Dog Book Roundup

Dog by My Side

Martin isn’t the only one who enjoys a predilection for dog portraiture.  Take a look at these other Blurb books.

best friend Books of the Week: A Dog Book Roundup

Best Friend

Best Friend, by Deak Wooten is an entire book of photographs devoted to man and man’s best friend.

toms top dogs Books of the Week: A Dog Book Roundup

Tom's Top Dogs

Tom’s Top Dogs, by Marianne and Tom O’Connell also includes some rare photographs of the canine kind.

Apparently, collecting old photos of dogs and their people is not as unusual a pasttime as I would have thought. We’ve even featured a book of vintage dog photographs on the blog before.

But while browsing the bookstore for this week’s round-up, I did discover a dog book with a new trick:  A Dog and His Girl, by Athena Lonsdale.

a dog and his girl Books of the Week: A Dog Book Roundup

A Dog and His Girl

It’s not vintage, but it is pretty incredible:  Athena’s dog, Cyrus, took all of the photographs in the first half of this book with the help of a tripod himself! The second half is Athena’s own work, positioned upside down, so that the book will be right side up again if you flip it over.

And while we’re talking about dogs and their tricks, have you seen the photography blog by Theron Humphrey, Maddie the Coonhound?

maddie the coonhound Books of the Week: A Dog Book Roundup

New Orleans, LA 24 Dec 2011

While road-tripping around the US, Theron has been photographing his dog, who just likes to stand on stuff. What can I say? Take a look and follow along to see where Theron will go and what Maddie will stand on next.

There’s plenty out there to see and photograph and if you’re a dog person (or a cat person or a hedgehog person or just a person who is fascinated by other people), there’s plenty to make Blurb books about.

So while I still fall on the cat side of the fence, I admit it: Dog owners sure get some great photos – and they have done so for at least a hundred years.

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  1. A mans best friend on photo,sorry a womens best friend as well. Like the idea of a photo book with my dog, turtle, cat, hamster or whatever animal I will have in the future.

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