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Hope we didn’t throw you with that headline but we’re taking a little departure this week to honor more than one book. In fact, we’re sending out a huge congratulations to several bookmakers, all of whom made their Blurb books as part of a class held through Stanford University’s Continuing Studies program.

Brigitte Carnochan, an accomplished photographer, has taught the class for the last three years. The books produced are incredible and each represents a long-held passion beautifully translated into printed form.

When asked her top bookmaking tip, Brigitte had this to say: “Keep it simple and pay attention to the details.” And because one tip is not enough, she also added: “Print out a proof to check the edit/sequencing and the font size. Most people use fonts that are too big – I know because I’ve been guilty of it.”

Rather than speaking for her students, Brigitte felt we should hear from them. So, read on for the stories behind some of the fantastic books made in Brigitte’s class. Well done, all. You’ve made Blurb proud!

Susan Neville, “Southeast Asia

Susan Neville Southeast Asia1 Books of the Week: Four Books, All Great

“I’m really pleased with the results of my first Blurb book. I had done an earlier photo album of a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia using another company. I was happy with it but wanted to have more options for layout and font choices so I was eager to give Blurb a try. For this book I selected the photos that highlight the natural artistry of Southeast Asia and used a larger format.

“It is a very professional product—a real art book compared to a memory album. I was recently at a portfolio critique and took my book to show my work. People were really wowed by the vibrant, but not overly saturated, color and by the quality of the book. (Yes, they liked the photography too!) An added feature I like about Blurb and didn’t fully appreciate at first, is that I can publicize the book so easily and folks can order it directly through Blurb. That is starting to be very important to me. I have a trip to Cuba planned next month—and a book with Blurb when I return.”

Dale Mauk, “The Beauty of Alcatraz

Dale Mauk The Beauty of Alcatraz Books of the Week: Four Books, All Great

“I have six years of photographs that I’ve taken on Alcatraz and my main goal was to put together a body of work that showed a view of the island that most people don’t think of. I had conceived the idea of a book about the beauty of Alcatraz a couple of years ago and my two previous attempts to put it together were not too polished. Earlier this year I ran across Brigitte’s class, and thanks to her expertise and the keen eyes of the rest of my classmates I was finally able to pull off a book better than I thought was possible. Oh and if you visit Alcatraz, be sure to take a warm jacket.”

Neeley Main, “Chinatown by the Bay

Neeley Main Chinatown by the Bay Books of the Week: Four Books, All Great

“I had always wanted to spend time exploring and taking pictures in a single San Francisco neighborhood. My original plan was to find a neighborhood that was not so well-known photographically. But then one day last winter, Chinatown found me. The neighborhood drew me in with her smells, tastes, sights, activity, and her true sense of community. I’ve been photographing there ever since.”

David Milgram, “Edges of Perception

David Milgram Edges of Perception Books of the Week: Four Books, All Great

‘In graduate school, I did research in getting computers to extract information from images. We were successful when the information was easily discernible in the images. When it was subtle and indistinct, we typically failed. As I became reacquainted with digital photography as a retiree, I have tried to investigate from an artistic perspective the kinds of images that caused so much trouble in earlier research. Capturing scenic images in a foggy setting has presented just such a challenge. Taking on the added task of creating a book has compelled me to articulate the experience both visually and verbally.”

Many thanks to the students who shared their books and stories. Brigitte says she’s not sure if she’ll teach next year but if she does, we highly recommend signing up. You can also check out our Events page to learn about where the Blurberati will be speaking, hosting workshops, or communing with creatives near you.

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