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We’ve always thought making a Blurb book is a great way to promote your business and we’d like to introduce you to someone who has done just that. Meet Olivier Chupeau, an artist and window display designer.

Olivier began designing window displays in 1994 as a favor to friends who owned a store selling designer eyeglasses. Within weeks, his window displays were getting rave reviews from passers by and customers.

Olivier soon realized he had a business—but one in which his “products” came and went. Taking photos was one way to preserve his work, but as Olivier discovered, making a book created a stronger and more compelling presentation.

Read on for great information and inspiration from Olivier.

Tell us about your book.

Olivier: My book ’15 Years of Great Windows’ shows my window displays, but more importantly, it advertises my abilities. If a client is looking to hire me, they need to know that I provide a continuously stable, innovative process and my Blurb book shows that.

Did you use any of Blurb’s Share and Promote tools or Blurb BookShow™?

Olivier: I used the email tool to send a link to the book to all my contacts and I used Blurb BookShow and set the preview option so that everyone could see every page of my book.

Has your book helped you get new business?

Olivier: Yes. Someone passing by noticed one of my window displays, got my name and contacted me to meet. I brought along my book. After taking a look at it, he hired me to do a series of promotional designs for six of his clients.
To this day I strongly believe that my Blurb book played a major role in landing the job. Somehow when people see my book, they see me differently—as if I were well known. It’s a great feeling. I’ve been “Blurberized.”

Blurb: Nice! Thanks, Olivier, we’re wishing you continued success and many more Blurb books.

If you’ve used your Blurb book to promote your business, let us know. We’re looking for some great examples to feature on our site. Chime in on our Facebook page or comment on the blog with a link to your book.

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