BookSmart now slurps in Flickr pictures

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The product team is happy to announce the release of BookSmart 1.6 (internally called AC/DC). Our key feature this time is the Flickr Slurper. Now you can download your Flickr images directly into BookSmart with just a few clicks. It’s a very cool feature if we do say so ourselves! If you slurp your Flickr images into a book, please let us know how it goes by commenting on this post.

These screenshots should give you an idea of what the Flickr Slurper can do:

Picture%201 BookSmart now slurps in Flickr pictures

Choose Get Pictures From Flickr in the BookSmart File Menu. Authorize BookSmart to download your Flickr photos in the browser that opens up.

Picture%202 BookSmart now slurps in Flickr pictures
You can select all your images by Set, Photostream, or Group and have them quickly slurped into BookSmart, ready to make a book.

Picture%203 BookSmart now slurps in Flickr pictures

Once the photos are downloaded they will be displayed in your My Flickr Photos library and directly in your new book if you have chosen the auto-flow option. In addition to the autoflow option, you can also drag and drop directly onto the page.

Also, as with every release, we focused on solving some key pain points that cropped up in our last beta version. Some of you will notice we’ve fixed some essential editing and performance bugs that have slowed down a few people. Our goal is to constantly improve, while we add new features.

As always, we’d like to hear from you so leave comments below or post them to our suggestion box.

The Product Team

Share the Blurb:
pin it button BookSmart now slurps in Flickr pictures

One Comment

  1. Hi blurberati dudes,

    Yust slurped around 700 pictures from Flickr in my book. Works like a charm!

    Keep the nifty features coming!


    By Esther
      June 30, 2007 – 3:23 am   Permalink

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