BookSmart: Who’s your daddy?

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This just in from Jim Heid: “If iPhoto and Adobe InDesign met at a library and fell in love, BookSmart™ might be their offspring.” Now isn’t that sweet? (Not to mention just a little illicit … kids, don’t try this at your local library. It’s for consenting applications only.)

If you want to judge the family resemblance for yourself, check out Macworld’s Beyond Apple’s Photo Books review. At Blurb, we’ve always imagined our progenitors were the ancient Sumerians and Gutenberg, but we wouldn’t mind sharing iPhoto and InDesign’s genetic material when it comes to dashing good looks.

Jim’s Point & Click Radio interview with Blurb’s CEO and founder Eileen Gittins is now available for download (12MB mp3 file). During the show, Blurb book author Nicholas Wilson jokes that Blurb books are “all done by robots.” That’s right, people: robots with Sumerian-German ancestry with impeccable taste in design. Only for the holidays, we’ve brought in some of Santa’s elves to get us through the pre-December rush.

Which reminds me: Don’t forget to get your holiday book orders in early. What books are you making, and where did you find your inspiration? Artistically speaking, who’s your daddy?

– Alison

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