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I tend to think of books and TV as sworn enemies. But on the video-sharing site YouTube, books star in a whole range of home movies.

Book-spinning is apparently all the rage. I found a number of videos simply showing some kid spinning a book on one finger, though none were nearly as awesome as this music video, El Nino Del Libro (The Boy’s Book). This kid elevates book-spinning to a fine art, and does it to an awesome Latin beat.

Think of books as static? Think again. Flip books show how an ordinary pen and paper can bring pages to life. Here’s one of an alien abduction! And thanks to the wonders of amateur special effects, you can see books dancing on their shelves and floating around the room.

Books take a beating in a number of movies. They are set on fire, stabbed, and eaten by dogs, and otherwise destroyed, as this rather silly, fake Public Service Announcement on the dangers of book abuse illustrates.

But never fear. Books can fight back, as Library Books Gone Wild demonstrates. Judging from the number of videos about people getting hit on the head with books or melees involving books, books also make excellent weapons.

If you’re more of a warm fuzzy person, YouTube has no shortage of babies grabbing books, saying “book,” and in one case thoroughly enjoying a book on tax preparation. (You’d really have to be pre-literate to get any pleasure out of that read.) Babies not cute enough for you? Try kittens. I found this video of a kitten walking on books while her owner coos oddly soothing, and this other movie of two kittens on a bookshelf is just too cute for words.

Some, like this young lady, are using the medium to promote books. She says, “They’re more entertaining than MTV.” Speaking of music videos, Bible-philes will surely appreciate this one titled Baby Got Book. And who wouldn’t love this vintage clip of Mr. Rogers and Mr. McFeely visiting a printing press?

So here’s my Blurberati BookTube challenge: Make a video about books, post it to YouTube, then share the link with us on the comments section of this post.

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