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It could be that we’re stuck in a South by Southwest hangover almost two full months later. It could be that at least one of us has an insatiable love of belt buckles. Maybe I’ve been watching too much late-night ESPN2. Or maybe Jeff Huehn just made a killer book about rodeos and we’re compelled to feature 2008 South Texas Ranch Rodeo Finals as our Book of the Week.

Jeff’s no rodeo book rookie – two years ago he brought us Ring of Fire Ranch Rodeo 2006 – and based on the content on his website, he usually has at least one rodeo project underway. The images in his latest book capture the essence of rodeo well – there is plenty of lasso roping (lariating?), horseback riding, chap wearing, and other authentic cowboy action. In my favorite shot it appears that one cowboy is holding a beer in one hand while wrangling a steer. And he’s not spilling a drop.

rodeo beer BOTW, rodeo style

We can respect that.

Thanks Jeff, for capturing rodeos in all their glory, and for letting us help you bring it all to life in books.

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  1. These photographs are very vivid and beautifully done. But do people really look at that second picture and see fun, rather than torture? The animal is clearly in distress and terrorized, as evidenced by the wild eyes and tongue. Rodeos exploit sentient animals for nothing more than entertainment, and this picture disturbingly captures such a moment — the four guys are clearly having a lot of fun, and the poor steer is not. By the way, many calves end up mangled or dead after having their necks snapped from the roping. I hope viewers find these rodeo images sobering, rather than entertaining.

    By Ann
      May 14, 2008 – 11:50 am   Permalink
  2. I was extremely disappointed to have spent the extra money for 2 day shipping. My book order (19 copies) was made on 5/19/08 and was not even shipped until 5/22/08. I do appreciate the fact that my order was filled this early, but the 2 day shipping should not be an offer if the order will not be received within 2 days of the order.

    By lhattoon
      May 23, 2008 – 7:27 am   Permalink
  3. Hi lhatton,

    On the Shipping page and in our FAQs, we’re very clear that once you upload, books take 5 to 6 business days to produce: print, bind, and package. The option you choose for shipping tacks on the additional days 1, 2, or many depending on the method. Hence, our marketing line “Orders arrive on your doorstep in approximately 7 to 10 business days.”

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions to message this better and we’ll look into them.

    Sorry for your frustration.

    – Kathy

    By Kathy
      May 23, 2008 – 9:33 am   Permalink
  4. I have submittted my book and placed my order. My book is in the book store and I asked for it to be available to be previewed by friends and family, interested in purchasing. I tried to get the preview, to see what my friends would see, and was disappointed to download a blank page. I tried other books and got the same blank page. Am I doing something wrong, or is the preview feature not working? I intent to inform friends and family in the U.K and in Western Canada about my book and would appreciate them being able to see it’s content, prior to ordering. Please advise.

    By Bill
      May 24, 2008 – 9:47 pm   Permalink

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