How to Brand Your iPhoneography

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Photographer Jason Hudson recently blogged a set of instructions and tips on how to successfully use Instagram, aptly coined Instagrammar School.

The gist of Instagrammar School is really about branding your iPhoneography/mobile photography in social media and his suggestions could definitely be useful if you’re in pursuit of your own social media fortune and glory.

Use the same filter. This is specific to Instagram, but the idea can be applied to your photography in general. If you get in the habit of taking photos that have the same sort of look, then people will start to identify that look and feel with your photography.

Grid Maintenance
To keep your consistency in check, have a look at your photo stream in the grid mode. This bird’s eye view will help you to see if your images share a similar look and feel with one another, or if you have any incongruous photos that might need to be removed from the set.

jason hudson instagram How to Brand Your iPhoneography

Jason’s Instagram feed

In Jason’s Instagram feed, you can clearly see common themes of color, tone and mood.

Before you post, ask yourself “Does this match the point of view that I have carefully created through all that consistency?” People follow you because of your special something, your point of view. So make sure that your posts are in line with the brand you’ve created.

Brand development
Consider the community that follows you on Instagram, versus your Facebook fans (or friends), compared with your Twitter followers. They’re different communities and that gives you opportunities to flesh out different aspects of your brand in each. You can use one platform for outdoor shots and another for portraits, for example. Just be mindful of the different reasons you think people are connecting with you and try to make your feeds reflect that. Different communities deserve different content.

For more lessons at Instagrammar School, check out this follow-up post on Jason’s blog and add him to your reading rotation; he’s promising more to come.




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