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new british The New British

THE NEW BRITISH. Coming Soon from The New British on Vimeo.

Kez Glozier, witty Editor-in-Chief, and Neville Brody, ultra creative Art Director, are the men behind THE NEW BRITISH – the latest phenomenon that serves as a documentary in magazine form to celebrate British culture in the most creative way possible.

TNB has been giving the public a taste of what it will offer by utilizing many social media networks including Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Soundcloud.

London-based producer Zulu is the fifth in the TNB mix series featured on their Soundcloud. There, TNB highlights extraordinary British musicians well known in the underground community.

Zulu The New British

Capturing a niche audience with obscure images, banging music, and hip videos that showcase the more alternative Britain that lives among the conservative monarchy is something that Glozier and Brody have aspired to do over the past year.

TNB will soon be available in print, commemorating everything British in the world of innovation. To keep updated with the magazine, visit their blog.

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